Sunday, September 7, 2014

Eyes Wide Open

What's a body to do? 
We search the world for meaning 
But come up empty handed. 
We reach blindly for something to grasp
But there is nothing to hold onto
Because we aren't searching in the right place. 
The universe seems to be darker than a bottomless pit. 
But that's because our eyes are closed:
We can't see the Sun illuminating the world
And chasing away the shadows of the night. 
The only night exists in our nightmares
We don't wish to see the light, 
So we cover our eyes
And therefore stumble blindly
Through ground that was meant to be walked upon with open eyes
When we fall, we blame it on foul play
But we have no one to blame but ourselves; 
The path is illuminated by the Son, 
But we don't bother to open our eyes. 
When the Sun shines brighter
And our tears spill over, 
Only then do we open our eyes. 
We find that dear thing which we were looking for;
Salvation and the meaning to life. 
With purpose, meaning, and the Son leading the way, 
We falter less
And stumble little. 
The thorns are still sharp
And the rocks are still hard, 
But we can see where we're going; 
We're going Home to be with the Son.