Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Battle within My Mind

This post is just my mind sort of wandering and thinking about sweet stuff like memories and such. Actually, I wrote it before I changed schools...during a time in which I was feeling quite fearful of my future. Enjoy :)

I look ahead: unknowing and unsure of my final destination. Unmitigatedly terrified by that which I do not know and cannot see, I cling to my fears for a provincial sense of security. Seeing no light ahead of me, I delve deeper into the dark recesses of my mind. There, I find the renegade fears of my over-stimulated imagination. These fears promise me that the security they bring isn’t ephemeral. Albeit, the fears assume that they can overtake me, they have made one error: they have failed to realize that memories follow after them. Suddenly, memories that I thought were evanescent come rushing into my mind simultaneously. Both pleasant and dark memories invade my mind. However, the good memories mitigate the clutching grasp of fear and his ally; the dark memory. As I slowly contemplate more of these good memories, I find that all of my woes are gone. Those ominous fears have been quelled by the good memories. Memories of laughter, giddy joy, and smiling flood the labyrinth of my mind. I have lived a good life. Why should I look forward with fear by my side? I should look down the now dark tunnel of my life with the anticipation of more good memories. Good times are not transient: I will forever hold onto them by the means of memories. Indeed, I have nothing to fear! That now dark, foreboding tunnel of my life will soon be alight with warmth, joy, and peace.